Sebastien Simoncelli - Mywebtechcare

Who am I? 

I’m Sebastien Simoncelli: Mywebtechcare founder, and freelance. I specially designed this agency for biotech companies.

I come from an Italian family, but I grow up in France.

My father was a mechanical engineer, and my mother was a housewife. I study geography and history at the University of Lorraine in France.

I’m a big reader and curious, eager to learn many things.

After my studies, I volunteered for more than ten years, helped people from different countries, and learned many languages. 

I always like helping people, and I give myself 100 % in my projects. But my life was changing.

Why did I create Mywebtechcare?

I worked for seven years for an international research center and almost four years in a start-up in biotechnology. During all these years, online communication was challenging for them.

I saw great projects for helping unfortunates in other countries, but the support was so little because nobody knew about these projects.

I was astonished by the frustrations and stress of a start-up because they paid for an expensive website, and the marketing department of the biotech needed to produce a lot of content without help.

They used LinkedIn for their marketing but without a strategy. Many of them didn’t realize the potential of this social media for their business.

When I discover these challenges, I want to give them the keys to their online communication and start to elaborate on a project to help them.

Why especially for them?

Biotechnologies work to make a better world: they heal, feed people, and cure the world by developing sustainable technologies. But these biotechnologies need to be known and have better visibility to find customers, partnerships, and investors.
That is why I choose to help these industries that work for our future.

How could I realize this project?

Even if I had a good knowledge of research and biotechnologies, I started to train bout digital tools and principles of digital marketing.

I was looking for a school for entrepreneurs, and I decided to follow training with Livementor about website creation with WordPress, digital marketing, and copywriting.

Then after, I practiced creating an intranet website for my employer, friends, and family. I post regularly on LinkedIn about biotechnology, digital marketing, and science popularization.

To become better and find more customers, and decided to join the training of Nina Ramen about « How to turn our audience into money.« 

How can I help you?

Today, I’m ready to help biotech companies by designing great websites and helping them to have optimized content to be found easily by their audience on Google.
I can help you start or boost their marketing strategy on LinkedIn according to their goals.

I can also train them to use LinkedIn efficiently to increase their visibility and generate more qualified leads.

Do you want to work with me?

Yes, I want to work with you. Let's make an appointment.