A website for your biotech: the first step in digital visibility.

Do you want a complete package for your website?

Why are so many biotechs frustrated by web agencies?

Many agencies offer to design websites for biotechs. But when I interviewed CEOs and marketing directors, their feedbacks were so negative.

Many of them told me:

  • The website was expensive, and you don’t think it was worthy.
  • The web agency focused only on website design. You need to provide the content (texts and pictures). That took a lot of time, and you didn’t have help with that.
  • The website looks like other websites, so impersonal, and nothing is original.

It’s understandable to be frustrated when you pay so much for an incomplete service offer. You deserve more than that.

Mywebtechcare provides a complete package for your website.

After discussing with many of them, I decided to launch Mywebtechcare. I want an agency to solve biotech companies’ problems with their websites.

I obtained a Webdesigner WordPress certification in 2021 with Livementor, and I started to design websites. For me, a website is not only a design but a harmonious combination of design and optimized content.

With me, you will earn time and money.

My offer is complete:

  • I will design an elegant website adapted to the biotech industry. Your website will fill all requirements for being easily found on Google.
  • I will create the content with you (text and pictures) to transmit the personality and values of your biotech company.

Don’t hesitate to exchange with me your problems and your needs, I’ll adapt my service for you.

What will be your benefit?

It’s not always easy to choose between freelances and web agencies. Why should you work with me on your website? I don’t only design simple websites for biotechs. You’ll have four advantages if you work with me.

A website more personal.

I take time to discover your company values. A website should be representative of your philosophy and brand. Your website won't be like another one.

Less stress.

For the content and pictures, we will work together on it. You don't have to stress and waste too much time. I'll be available for you to be sure to personalize and optimize the content.

Basic requirements for SEO.

A complete SEO strategy is expansive and takes a lot of time. But if you want that people easily find your website, you need to fulfill some basic requirements. I'll help you with that.

A simple but elegant website.

In the end, you'll have the design that I'll produce for you. I'll take pictures of your company to adapt visuals and design and make a website that looks like you.

Do you want to start or improve your website?

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